Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Tao of Crazy!!

Just recently I was called a "crazy mo-fo" by someone in a group of mine.I was thrilled....what a compliment! In a world that is being turned right-side-up at last it is helpful to know that the time of the heretic is here once again.
The orchestra that I was in of which I spoke yesterday played that way all the time.Taking utterly insane chances and threatening to go off the road going for that extra measure of "frisson"was part of our daily experience.
How to live that way without the booze became my challenge.I tried convention but found that I was never any good at it,nor did I want to be.Instead in my "gnosis"I discovered the pure joy of being nuts!!But how to apply this wisdom in a meaningful way?
The "Law of Attraction" comes into play here and I seek and find one of like mind and mission.Behind her sometimes crazy facade I find the most incredibly compassionate and loving heart that tugs at mine.
The "Law of Allowance" teaches me to risk well beyond reason,to woo,to go the extra mile and then some.To open my heart completely such that it might break,and then simply TRUST!!

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