Friday, December 10, 2010

Gareth andLyones!!

....walk alone in the woods,far from the curious eyes and gossip of the court.They walk together, but do not cling to one another.Theirs is a secure love of equal partners who choose each others company of their own free will.A warm breeze flows through the leaves of the trees,reflecting the gentle nature of the love and affection they have for one another.The peacock butterflies symbolize the beauty and ecstasy of this dusty,dreamlike state.
The sword is a reminder that there are dangers amidst this beauty.Though love can exalt,when lost it can devastate.This was a truth familiar to the Arthurian lovers.Despite the veneer of romance,they did not live fairy-tale lives-theirs was a dangerous and violent age.The sword symbolizes the hazards of collapsing into a relationship and the need to retain one's sense of self and independence.To do otherwise would be unhealthy for both partners and drain the strength needed to survive the twists of fate in worldly life.Theirs was a true love-rare and unfailing.

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