Monday, December 6, 2010

Sophisicated Louts!!

I was once a member of both a famous and infamous group, the London Symphony Orchestra of the late 60's and early 70's.We were known as the L.S.O.but dubbed "The London Shithouse Orchestra" by those less than enamoured of our exploits.
We had the ability to play like savages but with an exquisite beauty when required.At the height of our fame we were sent to Daytona Beach for a month in the summer for four years running.An all male orchestra in what was perhaps the divorcee capitol of America at the time.
The results were predictable:we played dreadfully (by our standards) and partied even more so.Nonetheless we managed to be rapacious predators who somehow were rather nice about it all,and judging by the results it was appreciated.
I had to leave shortly after because I could not have sustained the intensity for much longer without burning out.I must admit though with some delight that I have not forgotten how to be both a gentleman and a bit of a savage at the same time,and I rather think that it is not entirely frowned upon by a special kind of woman.

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