Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Mission!!

from "The Ascension Is Life Lived From Joy"... channeled by Laurie Gilmore:
"At the beginning of tenth level, life feels new, and you may feel newly born and very tender. Tenth level is the beginning of the spiritual awakening that will lead to your mastery of the abilities that mark the spiritual masters and adepts. These abilities, or gifts of the spirit, will become stronger as you become energetically clearer. In tenth level the focus will be on manifesting these spiritual gifts, and then integrating the gifts fully so they are usable in your physical, everyday life. Your greatest natural spiritual gift will be the first to manifest in tenth level, and your other gifts of the spirit will open later in a gradual way. You will be required to live by your spiritual gifts. If you are clairvoyant, for example, you must make decisions by what you perceive clairvoyantly - not by what you perceive physically.

Your clairvoyance will literally overtake your physical sight during tenth level. You may notice one day that you are very clearly seeing three curbs and sidewalks. Deciding where to place your foot may be very confusing. You will be seeing the physical curb and sidewalk, the etheric curb and sidewalk, and the fourth dimensional curb and sidewalk. If you rely completely on your clairvoyance, not the physical sense of sight, you will know where to step. If you use the physical sense of sight you may trip a few times in a public place. Eventually you will learn how to process this type of vision. The process of becoming clear is one of releasing stored energy from the emotional body and the mental body, and relocating that energy to the spiritual body where it becomes usable, through which miracles are created.

The only difference between an avatar and an ordinary man is the location of the energy held within the energy bodies. An ordinary man has all his energy "locked-up" in stored emotions and memories in the emotional body, and beliefs and thoughts in the mental body. The ordinary man has a flat spiritual body, for there is no energy to spare from the demands of the emotions and thoughts. An avatar has clear emotional and mental bodies. All the energy held within an Avatar's subtle bodies, is stored in the spiritual body. For a master, the energy associated with emotion flows into the emotional body from the spiritual body IN THE MOMENT, and is released to the spiritual body once the emotional stimulus has ended.

The energy associated with a thought flows from the spiritual body to the mental body, and then is released to the spiritual body as the thought is completed. This leaves an Avatar's energy free, to use according to his will. The spiritual energy is available to an avatar because it is not consumed by thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories. This is the energetic structure each of you must create in your energy bodies, during tenth and eleventh level Light Body. This will allow each of you to perform miracles such as manifesting thought into physical reality."


  1. Ok now... believe it or not, I do believe that post makes total sense to me... lol!! That's really funny, after admitting I am oft-times easily confused...

    I'm relieved to know Laurie Gilmore has the gift of putting meaningful words on a page! I am bursting with things to write... problem is the time is not quite right. And timing is absolutely critical - as you and I well know. And absolutely EVERYTHING and EVERYONE matters. Time and space do matter - and when things are properly attuned and aligned, miracles happen.

    I just lived-out a miracle at 30,000 feet. Well, it started in the terminus of my flight. (actually, it started long before then, but there's no room for that here...) Isn't it amazing that a high a mighty miracle would have it's beginnings in something "we" call a 'Terminal' - I think God's crafting and knitting and sense of Humor is so cool. Endings are beginnings. It's too bad so many folks wander around their lives seemingly completely unaware of so much going on.

    About my writings... it drives my husband crazy at times. It's the curiosity factor. I do not divulge the nature of any works in progress, nor do I disclose anything until, of course, the time is right. He politely and patiently asks "What are you writing Claudia?"

    My cheerful and truthful response is always the same - "Words on a page, dear. Words on a page."

    Just a very off-the-wall question: What kind of light appeals most to you?

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  3. sorry I tried to edit and deleted instead...this is a channeling by Metatron that is one of the very best.Lightbody Ascension is paralleling the year's date for many of us so that next year we will be in 11th. level.