Monday, December 13, 2010

Grande Vente!!

...sometimes I need to have a bit of a carry on it seems.Then I can pick up my life once more with a measure of stability.I have had for some time visions of a mission so huge it boggles the doesn't go away,makes no sense.To have a glimpse that it might just happen as I have lately was overwhelming.I will know soon enough I think,and if it is not to be,will suffer my folly gladly.


  1. OK - I'm sometimes prone to being easily confused. Need "a bit of a carry on"?? Hey, did I tell you what happened at 30,000feet after I stowed my carry-on???!!! Oh right! I didn't, 'cause I've been too busy smiling, and baking Christmas cookies and what-not, to write about it or tell you. lol.

    If we're on the same wavelength, I'd say this: the mission is huge - larger than any of us can fathom. If you've had a glimpse, and I believe you indeed have, my friend, you are one of the chosen few. And you are gifted. When we get serious about dialing-in, and I mean the put-yourself-dead-last-and-give-in-completely-to-giving-of-yourself mode, amazing things do happen.

    In the melodic words of K. Carpenter "We've Only Just Begun".


  2. I heard today it's a go... Woo-Hoo!!