Saturday, December 11, 2010


I have often wondered if I have been a delusional "old fart" all this time.Perhaps it is so after all I have thought!!One thing I have learned though is that only I can can break my heart and I choose not to this time.This has been my lesson since I began to wear a key over my Heart Chakra in response to guidance.I really got whacked at first but began to understand over time that it was me who was doing the "whacking".Once the lesson was learned my "Heart Centre" began to open up and I began to live from what is called my "Avatar Heart" which includes two more Chakras opening up between the 3rd.and 4th,and 4th.and 5th.Chakras.I can do this now through my healing technique for others too.
Everything changes in the moment when the heart and soul energies are joined as one.The world of form including relationships becomes secondary to contribution.Everything in our experience is not only lesson but is assimilated much more quickly because the emotions no longer have us in their grip as before.It might be called the beginning of serenity.

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  1. Clearly, David, you should be writing more than a Blog. So, are you?