Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miracle in the Void Part 2!!

....just over two weeks ago in the early morning when the waking state and dreamstate are almost indistinguishable I was asked "are you prepared to die?" I answered in the affirmative saying that,although on the whole I would prefer to stick around,if it was part of the plan I was o.k. with it.
I have realized since that the question referred to the world of form or illusion.Since then I have been purging enormous amounts of fear, triggered by seemingly irrational and sometimes absurd memories during sleep.
I started to come out of this state a couple of days ago and realized to my surprise that I am no longer invested in the outcome of events turning out a certain way around people,places and things that have been driving me for some time.It has left a bit of a vacuum for sure but there is a serenity coming in now that will fill it bit by bit!!