Thursday, December 16, 2010

All Or Nothing At All !!

...who was it who said"there's no such thing as part time enlightenment"? Nonetheless I have still tried to have one foot in one world and one in the other. Can't be done! The commitment to the world that I wish to see has to be total.I realized today finally that Twin Flame and Soul Partner pairings must be totally dedicated to that vision and to one another now or else they will not work.
I must risk all or have nothing at all save the same old appropriate life going nowhere.I do not know what she will choose and it must be so.I have preferences certainly but will honour her sacred decision whatever that may be. So now I watch and wait!


  1. "Howdy Padner":

    Enlightenment is supposed to be full-time. We need it to be full-time. It absolutely MUST be full-time. Our ultimate challenge is, in fact, to have one foot in this pathetic and sad world Man has created, while completely trusting and accepting with our hearts and our "other" foot VERY firmly planted in the realm to which the chosen are destined to "B".

    To forget where we are in the physical world or to ignore it's existence and the way in which it potentially and daily pulls and pushes on us - as with the lunar influence on the mighty tides - is to dismiss or perhaps inadvertently over-look that without it, for most of us, enlightenment would be impossible.

    It is the most profound, challenging, and amazing requirement of the human mind, body, and spirit. Our careful "groundedness" in this physical world, I believe, allows us only to soar higher and higher with each hour and minute that passes.

    I'm so glad you found "her". Have you given her a special name? I was dubbed years ago "TSP" - as a result of my path. "The Storm Pilot" That's funny, considering what happened on December 5th... lol

  2. ...she will always be my Dulcinea no matter what comes for teaching me of unconditional love.I am so very grateful for that priceless gift.