Monday, December 6, 2010


I have been for much of my life an errant knight jousting at the windmills of my mind.Sometimes by sheer force of will I would contribute to others but more often than not,it was just self-seeking disguised as altruism.
Then one day nearly four years ago she burst into my life with the force of a super nova.No longer a dream or vision but a reality and most of all a challenge to be unconditional.I was not up to the task ,found lacking,sent packing.
My force of will availed me nothing and I stood at the turning point.I could either accept the challenge or turn my back on it.I retreated into the world of co-dependency to learn the final lessons and came close to death in the process.Before my "dark night"she came to me in a dream and told me that I would be all right and all would be well.Shortly after she returned after a period of two years of my not seeing her.
I had learned a little of humility and kept my distance in order to honour her sacred space in a way that I could not do before.Our eyes never met nor did we speak but the energy was palpable.
Suddenly last week we came together briefly and both spoke and looked into one another's eyes.The experience was truly overwhelming and I was gifted a vision of the synergy of our joining in mission together.
Now comes the test as it must,for I cannot control or manipulate this Goddess anymore that I can hold quilksiver in my hands.I now know the meaning of those words"they also serve who stand and wait".

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