Monday, January 4, 2010

528 Hz. the Love Vibration?? of the more recent flavours du jour in the New Age candy store is the so called Solfeggio scale of which 528Hz. is a part.This frequency is said to induce feelings of love and repair DNA.
I have been a professional musician for over half a century now and wonder how it is that ,although I am very familiar with both the Tempered and Just or Pythagorian scales,that I have never once heard mention of the Solfeggio Scale.I found a pure sine wave of this frequency on YouTube recently and tested the effect.
It blasted my 3rd. eye Chakra to such an extent that I felt like a hole had been drilled in my forehead,and furthemore I had to use Pythagorian tuning fork frequencies from my website to restore balance.
I have become very wary of late of some of the material out there posing as positive and life enhancing.My suggestion would be to trust in your experience first and foremost and to be aware that there is a disinformation minefield out there to negotiate for anyone on a spiritual path!!

Prophesies and Other Red Herrings!!

...from our earliest memory we have been in the question:"what will happen to us?"The problem with that thinking is that we become de- facto candidates for others who are only too happy to take over our lives.They may be religions ,governments,self -appointed gurus, new age cults or even peers including family,but the result is always the same,we have given away our power!
The proper question to ask is "what kind of world do I want for myself and mankind?" 3rd. Density is nothing more than a "high school" play of the cosmos wherein we eventually discover that we are all actors as Shakespeare said.
The difference is that the ending has not been written yet and must be done by us as individuals.There are prophesies based on potential that are interesting but not conclusive.The trap is that we may buy into the prophesy in order to belong and give our power away once more.
As Einstein implied a 4th. Density world cannot be created with 3rd. Density thinking.Following some self appointed pied piper on a big ego trip up another mountain to talk to indigenous people means nothing!The Great Gathering is happening in the Quantum Field not in yet another ceremony or ritual!!