Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Resist Not Evil" !!

I recently attended a conference billed as a presentation of whistle blowers and ufologists.The overall message,at least in the promotional material,was one of positive awareness.I was surprised and shocked however when on the second day of the the proceedings the atmosphere became very dark and fear laden.Attendees that I had spoken to at length the day before were visibly shaken by what they heard and I became very suspicious of the real intentions of the event.It was interesting to observe the people on the fringes of the room clearly holding the energy while the particular fear based presentation was taking place.One of them was ,in fact, a presenter from the day before who even went up on stage to grab the microphone and add additional opinions.This particular presenter was complaining of being under psychic attack the day before which I thought odd because I had put up a powerful protection prayer to counteract just such an occurrence.By this time I was quite confused and had furthermore begun to attract some negative attention myself.When I asked the presenter for advice however I was told"if you don't stop trying to help me you'll be destroyed.You have no idea what you're dealing with here!" By this time of course,I was more than aware of what I was dealing with and backed right off for the rest of the conference.Nonetheless I came back to Vancouver with an entity in my energy field that took about three weeks to clear.I understand the sacrifice and the contribution that the so called "darkside" makes.They are a necessary part of our polarity journey into oneness, and are by contract as committed to harvesting souls as the "lightside". Our responsibility however is to practice discernment and not be led into negative fear based thinking by them.I just glanced briefly at the website of this organization recently and was struck by the blatant fear mongering of the new material."Resist Not Evil" must be tempered by "Know Thine Enemy" it seems!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

O Canada !!

My work with the Voyager sounds was beginning to attract some attention in the new age community in the U.K. I was a presenter in the annual crop circle conference and was being invited to do various workshops around the country. Then one day the guidance came out of the blue "go to Vancouver,await further instructions".This can be kind of unnerving but since it had already happened once before in the move from Miami to England,I was not entirely unprepared. My partner got the job once more that made the move possible(as she had in the previous one) and off we went. The information came shortly thereafter that the planetary grids had shifted and the previous throat chakra of the planet(Mt.Shasta) was now the base chakra. Furthermore the area of the chakra extends from Vancouver Island in the north to Flagstaff in the south as can be seen on the Planetary New Jerusalem page of the website.It is not always understood because of the tendency of the ego -mind to seek importance, that often light workers are called to areas on the planet simply to anchor the energy and engage in further spiritual growth in order to continue on the path.This has certainly been true for me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blood Sacrifice!!

The foot and mouth outbreak at that time resulted in the largest culling of animals in the history of the country.Funeral pyres could be seen everywhere from the highways and smelled like "steak houses from hell".Stories abounded as to the cause,the most absurd blaming a Chinese takeaway in Hull,but the one that caught my eye was a report that a vial of the disease had gone missing from Porton Down (a well known spook facility).The sacred landscape was closed for months and no access was allowed until after the summer solstice that year.The efforts to lower the vibration of the grids to their previous levels were strikingly obvious to those of us who understood how the ley lines affect us all,but sadly the majority continued their lives glued to the telly oblivious to the creeping police state being foisted on them. It amazes me now how primitive the techniques of the powers that be are and I think that ultimately it will be their undoing.Life has moved on from the days of the old testament but they have not!