Sunday, December 5, 2010


...for awhile now I have been in a rainy day.It has been at once chastening,humbling and ultimately cleansing and purging as I learned slowly but surely to sing and dance in it.I have experienced the most unimaginable sadness and joy in these last few years because I needed to bring together those polarities,to feel with such intensity, and still walk my walk.
The other day so very unexpectedly the sun burst through the clouds with such a blinding light that I was elated and terrified in equal measure lest I do another rain dance without realizing and frighten the sun away like I did last time.
One thing I learned on my rainy day though is that EVERYTHING in my life is now mission,and I need not seek anything else.Romance ,adventure even relationships are now consecrated to service and my Higher Self will guide me as long as I remember my sacred contract and trust.


  1. Did you know... there was an alkalinic, hydro-centric, escatalogical in-breaking at the Bessborough hotel in early 2010. And part of the universe cracked open just yesterday... Did you sense it?

  2. ...all I can remember of the "Bess" was overindulging in the "all you can eat" teatime menu so much that they did away with it LOL!!