Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crystal Child!!

I am watching in awe and admiration someone very dear to me inviting her inner child to come out and play at last.
Her youngest child is a little girl about 9 years old or so.I haven't seen her for some time now but I remember how precious she was.I always felt somehow that she was holding her mother's inner child energy until she was ready.
This is the soul contract of the Crystal Children I am sure.They hold our energy for us until we are ready to be as little children as the Master said.
They know at their soul level why they are here these little ones,and gradually because of them, so will we!!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Ode to My Twin Flame!!

.....there is a magical moment in one's life where the veil of separation begins to thin and ultimately disappear....everything changes in that space.....the core beliefs of a lifetime melt away......we are left with an exquisite sense of peace and seems that often a special person will come into one's life in that moment as an inspiration.....a challenge to become that Oneness.....a template of higher consciousness....a dream come true.......sexuality and spirituality unite in a cosmic dance without end.....only beginnings is no longer struggle or discipline but simply pure joy expressed in service with the Goddess that leads us to God......the world of right-wrong exists only as a dim memory....the last picture show of 3rd. Density.....this is the realm of the Divine Feminine.....may She shine in your life as She does in mine!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Miracle in the Void!!

I was obliged to admit to myself recently that my life had become meaningless and unfulfilled.Rather than wallowing in self pity however,I know now that the first step in any negative condition is acceptance,wherupon the "what's next" in my life will be revealed.
I did have to experience the void though for a while and I think that's part of the deal.I am now in the miracle about which I will post next!