Monday, May 23, 2011

More on Unconditionality!!

..."you can never really have anything that you are not prepared not to have" comes up a lot for me these days.It is a great benchmark statement as a template for being unconditional in my life.It is the difference between being complete in myself or hanging on to the fragments(or shards) of co-dependency.When I am complete in myself I can serve without condition.When I truly love myself I can love another without need of reciprocity.All the circumstances in my life at this moment serve that great goal!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking Back........

.....over some of my blog posts is interesting.There has been quite the amount of emotional purging going on since just before Christmas.I actually thought about deleting some of them out of embarrassment but reconsidered because they tell of a journey.I have reached the point in my life where I no longer feel the need to hide."Here I am warts and all!"seems fine to me now.There is a measure of ,dare I say it,serenity in the way I see things.The Divine order of things is apparent including the "goofy" over the top stuff. "Nerdvana" Lifespring used to call it!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


...I have a wonderful opportunity in my life to offer unconditional support to others.It is a priceless gift to have such a chance as this to step out of the usual mundane self seeking often disguised as altruism that has been my story thus far.
The primary template for this is one special person that I am greatly honoured to have in my life even if only peripherally.The fact that we are on the fringes of one another's path is actually an even greater chance to be unconditional for it challenges the idea which must be transcended that a sufficient level of contribution would bring us closer together.This is the distorted thinking of the ego mind and yet another symptom of manipulation.
True unconditionality has no such requirements nor does it bargain in such a way.It simply is what it is and provides it's own reward!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Space!!

...I have a little garden flat that is almost a replica of the studio cottage that I had in London years ago.It is as though I have been given a chance to reinvent my life without the competitive angst,neurosis and alcohol induced euphoria that drove my previous existence.
There is a tiny kitchen space used only to brew coffee at the moment for my cooking is for the family upstairs,a measure of my support of their journey which is so different than mine.
In the bathroom is a tub that is like a "doppell sitzbad" it is so deep and a shower that is best used as a hand piece,again so like Europe.
The living area is dominated by an enormous stereo system that primarily collects dust in between making dubs for friends of great performances of yesteryear...a reminder of a world gone by.
It is a place where my 4th. density world of unity grows incrementally as I do my healings,channeling and meditating.The computer connects all of this to the new world that is being created out of our hopes and dreams and the little garden demonstrates in it's own way how all this is coming to pass.It is a dream coming true!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Custer's Last Stand!!

...the days of co-dependency for those of us destined for 4D are numbered.It can come as a bit of a shock though to realize just how deeply entrenched this behaviour is.I am beginning to see how the personality that has been my identity for so long is really the problem if I believe that it really is me.It is rather a faux- persona that protects me until I am ready to take on my true higher self identity.
For example,I can do a really good imitation of an arrogant,aloof s.o.b. but be equally at home switching to "showboat" when called for.So who am I likely to meet but another who does the is not a recipe for a coffee for sure because we both instinctively know that we wear facades to protect our vulnerability.
Only when we are both comfortable with being vulnerable will we be able to connect.