Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not Your Everyday Starbucks!!

I used to think it my window on the world,now rather the window on mine!I have talked there of philosophers and kings,heros and villains,light and dark,error and solution,but always when I left I found the world unchanged as before.
One day a woman came in who I had not seen until that day.Her life was in tatters,a supreme example of the words"no good deed goes unpunished".I shared with her my story of betrayal and something of the silver lining I found behind the dark clouds,but this time I shared more than just words.
I gave her what had been gifted to me without condition.She tells me now her life is transformed.I must remember that.Deeds not words will change this world of ours.

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  1. Well you're certainly right - it isn't your ordinary place. If I could, I'd set a spell in that "chair of mine" at C and 18th every morning. It's a place of the most extraordinary convergences.

    I claim to be more of a Tango Hotel coffee drinker (Tim Hortons). I will from now on, when at the coast, sip a grande latte at that spot next to the Olympic Torch pathway until the beans run out. It's just that kind of place. And some of the folks who make their way in and out, carry the unseen torch with in themselves. The one that never runs out of fuel.