Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Space!!

...I have a little garden flat that is almost a replica of the studio cottage that I had in London years ago.It is as though I have been given a chance to reinvent my life without the competitive angst,neurosis and alcohol induced euphoria that drove my previous existence.
There is a tiny kitchen space used only to brew coffee at the moment for my cooking is for the family upstairs,a measure of my support of their journey which is so different than mine.
In the bathroom is a tub that is like a "doppell sitzbad" it is so deep and a shower that is best used as a hand piece,again so like Europe.
The living area is dominated by an enormous stereo system that primarily collects dust in between making dubs for friends of great performances of yesteryear...a reminder of a world gone by.
It is a place where my 4th. density world of unity grows incrementally as I do my healings,channeling and meditating.The computer connects all of this to the new world that is being created out of our hopes and dreams and the little garden demonstrates in it's own way how all this is coming to pass.It is a dream coming true!!

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