Thursday, May 5, 2011

Custer's Last Stand!!

...the days of co-dependency for those of us destined for 4D are numbered.It can come as a bit of a shock though to realize just how deeply entrenched this behaviour is.I am beginning to see how the personality that has been my identity for so long is really the problem if I believe that it really is me.It is rather a faux- persona that protects me until I am ready to take on my true higher self identity.
For example,I can do a really good imitation of an arrogant,aloof s.o.b. but be equally at home switching to "showboat" when called for.So who am I likely to meet but another who does the is not a recipe for a coffee for sure because we both instinctively know that we wear facades to protect our vulnerability.
Only when we are both comfortable with being vulnerable will we be able to connect.

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