Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Glastonbury and the Spring Equinox!!

It was decided after Stonehenge that the group would go to Glastonbury for the Spring Equinox of 2002 and play the Voyager sounds at the top of the Tor, but apparently the powers that be had other ideas.Shortly before the time came there was the biggest outbreak of foot- and- mouth disease in the history of the country which lasted until well past the Summer Solstice as well.We decided to go to Glastonbury anyway and I drove down the day before and stayed in a little B&B close to Stonehenge very near the wood henge about a mile or so away.I already knew that Stonehenge was closed but thought that the wood henge would be worth a trip before setting off for Glastonbury.I arrived about 7:30 in the morning to see an ambulance sitting there in the parking lot.There was no one about,but the signs saying that the site was closed due to foot-and-mouth were up even though there was not a sheep in site.I sat in the car and played the sounds anyway!I then drove to Glastonbury but as I passed Stonehenge I noticed that there were traffic cones on both sides of the road for at least a quarter of a mile to stop people from pulling over and although there was nobody in sight the henge parking lot was at least a third full!Busy day for somebody I thought. It got even more hilarious at Glastonbury because the Tor ,of course,was closed but there was a garbage truck going up and down the hill leading to it not collecting any garbage.We ended up doing some healing with the sounds at the Abbey and the Chalice Well Gardens but there were no attendants there and they are usually all over the place.Clearly they were only concerned with keeping people off the grids and not the surrounding areas.

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