Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stonehenge and the Black Helicopters !!

My take post 9/11 was that things were getting serious.I did not personally buy the story that the most complex terrorist operation in history was pulled of by a bunch of pissed off Muslims armed with box cutters and run out of a cave in Afghanistan.Furthermore I was sent a tape of a channeling that said" the New World Order got exactly what they wanted".Armed with this information the idea came to me that playing sounds from Voyager in space(available to hear on the Planetary New Jerusalem page of the site) at Stonehenge on the winter solstice of 2001 might be an interesting experience.What an understatement that turned out to be! 28 of us turned up just before dawn and played the sounds from Voyager in the henge's inner circle.I was standing next to my son, both of us leaning on separate lintels, and asked him at one point"are these stones vibrating"? "Yes he said"It seemed to me like we were out in space, completely not in this world.Now I realize that we were in a 4th. density space where time stood still.When we came out an official (who wasn't there earlier) came running up to me in a state of extreme agitation."You were two people over the limit he said".I apologized because we didn't know right up until the moment if we would even have 26(the limit) as people were coming from miles away in some instances."Just put it on my credit card I said".Something was up,they were not expecting this at all and had been blindsided.I happened to know now that the energies on the ley lines in England of which Stonehenge is a major site are very carefully monitored.Salisbury plain where the henge is located is crawling with military,and part of their job is to make sure that the grids are vibrating at a low vibrational level.What we did that morning was introduce a massive dose of high level energy directly into the grids.
From that day on I was followed by the black helicopters I had heard so much about.One would hover high above my bedroom window at 2 or 3 a.m. Another followed me in the fields along country lanes driving my daughter to her singing lesson and hovered over the parking lot when we arrived.Spectacularly one turned up the moment I arrived on a visit to see a couple of friends hundreds of miles away who were at Stonehenge that morning.Clearly I was being warned to back off but the best was yet to come........continued

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