Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blood Sacrifice!!

The foot and mouth outbreak at that time resulted in the largest culling of animals in the history of the country.Funeral pyres could be seen everywhere from the highways and smelled like "steak houses from hell".Stories abounded as to the cause,the most absurd blaming a Chinese takeaway in Hull,but the one that caught my eye was a report that a vial of the disease had gone missing from Porton Down (a well known spook facility).The sacred landscape was closed for months and no access was allowed until after the summer solstice that year.The efforts to lower the vibration of the grids to their previous levels were strikingly obvious to those of us who understood how the ley lines affect us all,but sadly the majority continued their lives glued to the telly oblivious to the creeping police state being foisted on them. It amazes me now how primitive the techniques of the powers that be are and I think that ultimately it will be their undoing.Life has moved on from the days of the old testament but they have not!

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