Tuesday, June 9, 2015

1966 And All That!!

"We will neither regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it" ....those words resonate so strongly now as I go back to re-incorporate some of my experiences from the past into the present. If I just take the year 1966 as an example it tells me so much about my life now. I was in an extraordinarily hedonistic mindset having been dumped the year before by a girlfriend who I was convinced thought me as inexpendable as I imagined myself to be. As a reaction to the unimaginable I attacked my life with a ferocity born of quiet desperation. The orchestra that I was a member of went from strength to strength dragging me along with it. We played for a month in Daytona Beach in the summer concertizing and partying in equal measure. There were memorable performances throughout the year and frankly some unmemorable ones too,especially in Daytona all couched in the maelstrom of what became known as "Swinging London"... to be continued

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