Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just For Today!!'s been quite instructive to observe the polarity swings of my recent blog posts.The last two going from martyr to super aggressive posturing.
Today I am a little more in balance in realizing that,although I may continue to make mistakes ,I need not waste time indulging in mea- culpas or belligerence.
I continue to grow every day and in that process recreate my life.My vulnerability reminds me humbly to own the world of my creation.


  1. You are hard on yourself, perhaps too hard. Awareness of where we are at is an on-going process. Nothing wrong with where you are at, at any given time. No matter what the circumstance, you must accept yourself and allow yourself to simply and humbly "B". The key is to know where you are, allow yourself to reflect on it, and go forward from there, to whatever the next place may be.

    There is a wee bird that flies between the coast and the prairies - several trips a year lately... May take flight again very soon. The last flight was unlike any other. :)

  2. ...polarity swings always go towards zero point or stasis.The key is not to analyze them too much...notice the first four letters of that word LOL!!